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2016-09-11 10:49:02 by ProjectAwesomes

journal number 5. 9/11, 2016.


all my friends left me. but thats ok. because I have a tablet now.


only problem is, i dont have a desk to work on. or much of the free time.

which i guess accounts as to why I'm alone. who'd want to hang out with someone with no desk.


no matter. I at least found some inspiration via Deviant Artists. and some cool dood in skype.


to wrap this up. I have a cool dood, and a tablet. and that, is my update.


2016-01-03 14:15:30 by ProjectAwesomes


I havent been posting much lately. and I'm going to change that very soon with perhaps some actually good content

I'm working on a collab here and an animation there. Just trying to practice and learn some cool techniques real quick

i might not have time to experiment in FL studio ... ill try though. I was supposed to send someone a sample of how im doing in the program, but i got discouraged immediately after trying to make guitar with fl slayer, and piano with fl keys... So im a bit slow on that catergory. just trying to practice before i send anything off to him.

doing collabs with





:practicing FL studio and failing -->                              Guilmonx          


2015-12-14 00:28:05 by ProjectAwesomes

I've just opened my eyes. thanks to this animation, and its owner's YT channel.

I dont know. its just animation's like these that make me feel like I should be trying harder.

but this one in particular not only told me to try harder, but also guided me and made me see animation making in a whole different view-point.

I feel distressed on how far behind I am. like a spoiled child, something inside of me wants to be able to be this good "now". it stresses me out, and the video fills me with emotions yet, I dont want it to stop.

I hope more great people will show up in my life and guide me through this. I really do want to be able to make something I can be proud of.

maybe then I can actually have the confidence to work with someone, and meet some awesome people/friends


2015-12-11 12:00:39 by ProjectAwesomes

well so far my artwork's been improving somewhat since i started making an UnderTale comic, so that's good.


I'm going to focus now more on short animations. just for the practice of things

il probably move to long/funny cartoon if I get a mic to voice my stuff. or if someone has the time to spend on me and voice for free. who knows!

just going to practice so i can at least get a nice portfolio and a nice pair of followers.

thanks for all the support! everyone answering my questions and taking time to help me out really pulled me out of a jam there


2015-10-06 01:45:15 by ProjectAwesomes

well... it turned out to be more difficult than i anticipated.

im hardly even submitting anything. i need to push myself to get work done.


i just sometimes wish I could have someone to talk to about this and maybe work together one day.

all the cool kids have their groups and clubs. but for some reason, im always the one who's pushed aside in the end.


2015-06-12 03:37:04 by ProjectAwesomes

welp. didnt get a mic or a tablet. i dont wanna sound like a spoiled kid, but cmon i needed those for life

you dont pop out the news "he-hey youre gonna be 18! youll be homeless and but stabbed!"

"w-wah? holy shi. i gotta prepare! hmm maybe i can become an animator! wow i could surely use my 17 birthday present for a tablet or mic to make my own cartoon pop out!" and instead i get to sweep the floor, and cake. i mean, cool but CMON!


change of plans now. il be making artworks, getting a job soon at the last 3-2 month i have. show my artworks to people who hire graphic artists. and there.

its not the brightest plan but at least il have some money before i hit the road.


progress making

2014-11-02 20:26:58 by ProjectAwesomes

okay then! so far its going to be my birthday, aaaaand by far this year i studied and learned to draw and animate a little more properly.

submited a couple test animations. one on youtube and what not.

hopefully il get a tleast a mic for my birthday and be able to be a youtuber who gets shitty comments 24-7 :D

(did couple human pracice. FL studio practice. After effects studies. drew couple realistic ish artworks. and made 2 successful, no voicing, short animations. which is really why the mic is on my number 1 wishlist.)


who am I, you ask?

2014-05-30 02:03:34 by ProjectAwesomes

flipping letters told me to explain who i am .-.) and i guess i got nothing better to do right now, so what the greek.

my name is awesome, and my current objective is to become a decent "solo" animator. yup, you guessed it. that means i have to learn animation, sound effects, epic music making, and so on so forth all by myself.

my active tools are "photoshop, after effects, FL studio." and i dont have a tablet, so thats always a bite in the cheeks when you notice your trying to draw with a mouse!

but in all clearance, ive been longing for a place to be able to actually ask questions that i could never actually get answered. (Thanks a lot 3 ask sites and flipping google!) until something reminded me (castle crashers, okay? -.- simmer down Billy)

that there might be a place bursting with animators and artists alike! and so i came here, overwhelmed by the fact that theres even EPIC game programmers all gathering up here! this truly feels like a new home to me. AND! some of them actually help me out with my  questions! i just feel so grateful and relieved that i dont have to wake up, tell myself "thisll be the day il actually progress through this!!!" try to animate, open google asking how or why its acting like that, google giving me the cold shoulder, and just giving up on the day.

this is truly, a place for me to grow up in. full of creative people, willing to help one another, and i would love to help back too! ^^ (eh, what good are you? a Project without a tablet, a cereal bowl without any cereal, pooding but without the pie, an experienced surgeon without the experie-) SHAT UP STEVEN!!... -sobs away-